Tuesday, February 25, 2014

End of the term

The term is wrapping up and I am SO stressed. I feel as though I serioiusly struggle trying to focus on these last few papers and presentations. I think I may have a case of the classic senioritus. I am even having trouble focusing on this slice..... Let's just finish this!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Last week I posted about my boyfriend, so you all know how much he means to me. Well, today is a very special day because it is his birthday! Weird to think that 18 year-old who swept me off my feet in high school is still by my side at 22. How time flies! I gave him his present this morning and I was so excited about it that I just have to share what I gave him. He basically picked out part of his present….a giant thing of protein. He is definitely a gym junkie, but hey -I’d rather that than a lazy guy. He works hard, and I do admire that. After purchasing the protein, I remembered something. We once went to Seattle for a day trip and visited the zoo, aquarium, the pier, Crab Pot restaurant, and other various activities. We had a blast! After spending around $25 for parking (there is nowhere free to park in the city) and Lord knows how much on admission to all the destinations, it was dark, and we were ready to head home. As we walked down the rainy sidewalk towards the parking garage we left my car at, we noticed a sign that read “CityPass $65 per person” It included several destinations as well as a dinner cruise! We looked at each other and laughed talking about how we wish we would have known about that before we came. Everything is so expensive there. We spent around $70 just for our dinners at the Crab Pot (which I highly recommend, the atmosphere is well worth it). We were a little bummed, but went home with full tummies and happy hearts after a day in such a memorable city. Since he already knew I got him the protein, I wanted to add some sort of element of surprise to his birthday. I remembered about the city passes we had seen and decided to look them up online. I was delighted to find that for $64 per person, I can purchase city passes which include admission to: the space needle (Twice -day and night), Seattle Aquarium, an Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour, EMP Museum or Woodland Park Zoo, and lastly Pacific Science Center or Museum of Flight. These passes can also be used for 9 consecutive days, so if you want to make a weekend of it there is no rush! So along with his present I included an envelope which held two options. On me, we could take a trip to Seattle this spring break or a trip to Silverwood Theme Park (which we LOVE) in May when they open again. Spending time and having experiences together is so much more meaningful than material gifts. It may cost my wallet $128, but making memories together is priceless. He hasn’t decided which he’ll pick yet, but whichever the case we can’t wait for our trip! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First Loves

Boxes of chocolate, candy hearts, cliché love quotes emblazoned on stuffed animals…it’s that time of year again. And as corny as it can sometimes be…I have to admit I love it. I love every bit about Valentine’s Day, but not because of all of the savory sweets (though that is a plus). I love it because I get to spoil my best friend with sickeningly sweet treats and remind him of how much I love and adore him; my boyfriend, Kris. I have heard many times, and from a variety of sources, that your first love will never be the person you end up with. That person is supposedly some sort of trial-run, a part of growing up, you will eventually grow apart and find your own ways. I completely disagree. I met Kris at the most unlikely of times. At 16 years old, I was going down a questionable path, and always out and about into something with my best friend at the time. I’ll never forget the look on our faces when our eyes met. A big, strong, tan, lifeguard-looking guy wants to dance with ME? And we did. We danced all night long. At 16 and 18 life was bliss. It was an unforgettable summer. Missing curfews by night and playing poolside by day. Life was good. It didn’t take long until we fell in love. It was inevitable, but it took us several months before we finally said it. Neither of us had ever been in love before, never had a serious boyfriend or girlfriend. But this. Now this was something else. He made me feel so accepted, like no matter what -everything was alright. I always wanted to be with him. After long nights of dance rehearsals I would drive clear across town just to see him for as little as an hour. He had become a part of me. After a year of being inseparable, and another blissful summer, the day had finally come. Kris headed to Eastern Oregon University for his first year as a college football player. The night before he left we had a big party with all of his high school friends. That night has been seared into my memory. I had never seen him cry before, but as tears rolled down his cheeks, I sobbed –for his sadness as well as my own. The following year was extremely difficult, but with Skype and visits every few weekends, we did it. We made it through. I attended Eastern Oregon University with him the following year. Now, yet another year later, we are stronger than ever. Our love has definitely matured, but that intensely passionate way that all emotions are felt with a first love still remains, and I pray that it doesn’t ever fade away. Because even though it means I will feel the sad times so very deeply, I feel the happy times with that same intensity. So this Valentine’s Day, I cannot wait to honor my lover, my hero, my partner-in-crime, my best friend, the one who continues to grow with me, Kristopher.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

As we move through the school year, I get more and more anxious for graduation. It’s hard to believe I’m almost finished with school. Often times I find myself daydreaming of the future. One thing that I have been pondering for a while is the possibility of getting a dog as a graduation present to myself. The thought of a furry little guy to greet me when I come home is very appealing. I’ve grown up my whole life around pets, and since coming to college it’s been a little empty without an animal or two in the house. I do have to keep in mind, however, that animals require a lot of work and attention; especially dogs. If I want to go on a weekend trip, I’ll have to find someone to watch it. They also can be expensive with vet costs and other food/care expenses. On the other hand, a dog would give me something to take care of when living alone for company. Also, I would take it on walks for exercise. Having pets is beneficial to our health as humans when we have an innocent little animal to cuddle and care for. So the debate for my furry little child continues…