Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We often times take life, health, and comfort for granted without even realizing it. After feeling sick for several days, today was the first day I felt back to my normal self again. I was able to walk around without feeling lightheaded, and even eat real food again instead of saltines and water. This was a subtle reminder how lucky we are on a daily basis to simply enjoy life.... Oh, and to not to forget your vitamins! ;)


  1. Welcome back to life. I remember my last cold/flu hit. I thought I was done after a day or two, but surprise, I had a full week on the couch. So yes, I am trying hard to keep warm, especially when I leave for Puerto Rico early Monday morning :)

  2. This time of year is horrible! Definitely keep down those vitamins and water. =) Nobody enjoys feeling icky, especially not being able to eat! How horrible! I am glad you are feeling better.