Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Slice of Life
Life is full of firsts. And this weekend I had yet another. My friend had been discussing in class how she wanted to highlight her hair. Her hair was a dark mohogany brown. I thought to myself, "Well I could do that!" I mentioned how I'd highlighted my best friend's hair back home in a small section. It was just a little piece, nothing major, but I was feeling confident. My friend graciously allowed me to use her head as my guinea pig. I must say, it turned out awesome! Despite the fact that I didn't have any of the proper tools, all of our improvisations worked out! I was very pleased with the outcome and look forward to trying again sometime.


  1. Yeah you! And you saved her a chunk of change...next time, she can try you :) xo

  2. Good thing for you it worked and you didn't go bald. It's tough to begin life after college. I 'm remembering how hard it was for me to leave my comfortable college world. It was never like that again but what came to me proved to be just as wonderful.
    Good Luck as you make your move,